Mikhail Yablokov

Strategic Planning

My strategic planning experience began in 2017, when I was Director of the Joint Directorate of Baikal Protected Areas. By 2019 I had fully mastered the approach not only to implementation of strategic planning, often used in business, but also to adapting strategic planning for conservation purposes.

One of the main approaches of my work is conducting Strategy sessions. I have created my own methodology, based on the ToP Facilitation of the International Association of Facilitators ICA International, with changes made by Timur Sokolov & Partners and adapted by me for use in the non-profit sector.

Over the course of four years I have conducted more than 40 strategic sessions for conservation institutions and their subdivisions. Some were for the implementation of strategic planning, and others within the framework of projects -- for example, to assess the effectiveness of the management of Far Eastern protected areas or the development of the Great Ural Way project.

session with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Roszapovedtsentr
session in Yugyd Va National Park
session in the Kronotsky Reserve
work with the staff of the Kronotsky Reserve

Based on the results of the sessions I prepare relevant documents - concepts and strategies for the development of tourism and other areas of activity of PAs. But documents are not the main result of my work, the main thing is the understanding by the team of the institution of development directions, the plan for their implementation and the direct participation of employees in this work.

Several organizations are now using the new planning approach, such as the Taganay National Park, Kronotsky and Sikhote-Alin Reserves.

Additional materials:

- Seminar on the development of PAs (pdf-file of presentation);

- Example of document structure - Concept and strategy... Kalevala National Park (pdf-file of document structure);

- Example of document structure - Concept and strategy... Sikhote-Alin Reserve (pdf-file of document structure).